Meet the team

Elite fitness consultants 
Who we are

We help high achievers retake control of their fitness, health, and physical well being by harnessing the power of data science.

What makes us different?

We are not “personal trainers”.

We’re a team of medical doctors, engineers, data scientists, software developers, and business leaders with a combined 50 years of experience in the fitness field.

Our goal is to help busy professionals maximize their strength and wellness in the shortest possible time frame.

No marketing hype.
No miracle cures.
No fitness gimmicks.
Just results.

If you’re serious about getting, and staying, in the best shape of your life, book a free diagnostic call with myself or one of my head coaches.

Find out how to:
Increase your Energy and Motivation
Boost your Mood and Cognitive Function
Look and Feel your Best in Years
Get Rid of Chronic Aches and Pains

And much more!

Live Hard. Live Lambda.


Meet Dan

Head coach & Chief Marketing Officer

Dan (MBA, MIB) is a master trainer with 15 years of experience working with populations of all types including athletes, models, and physique competitors.

His primary focus however has always been to help individuals who, like him, struggle to lose weight.

To that end, he specializes in lifestyle based coaching, and helps his clients better manage their stress, boost their energy, improve their body composition, and maximize their quality of life through optimal nutrition, gentle exercise, and mindfulness.


Meet Bojan

Head Coach & Chief Executive Officer

Bojan is an emergency medicine specialist with a passion for lifestyle based wellness.

As a doctor, he knows all too well the ways in which chronic stress and suboptimal nutrition are the primary drivers of illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and high blood pressure; this is why he has made it his mission to help individuals who are battling cardiovascular disease get back on track with their health, their fitness, and their wellness.

You can find his articles on such sites as,, and


Meet Dragan

Head coach & Director of Training

Dragan’s background as a high level football player sparked his love for sports science and human performance at an early age.

Years later, after having obtained a degree in engineering, Dragan uses his analytical skills to help his clients crush their performance goals and/or come back from their injuries.


Meet Anton

Head coach & Chief Medical Officer

Anton’s background in medicine and software engineering made him a perfect fit for the Lambda coaching team.

His attention to detail and deep understanding of both physiology and statistics makes him not only a great coach, but a great researcher as well.

When he is not busy helping his clients look and feel the best they have in years, he dutifully pours over the scientific research in order to keep the team up to speed with the latest findings in the world of medicine, athletic performance, and nutrition.