Want To Get JACKED? FUCK Cardio

The last time I went on a 10 Km was about 8 years ago. You want to know why? Because cardio fucking sucks, that’s why. Think of it this way: skipping out on a single slice of cheesecake will spare you an hour (or more) of torturous running, so If fat loss and sexitude are your PRIMARY goals, cardio […]

Start ‘Em Young: How To Get Your Kids JACKED The Right Way

Have you ever seen a chubby little cherub of a toddler stumbling around trying to master the subtle art of walking? It’s fucking adorable ? They’re all squishy and cute and clumsily falling flat on their bouncy little asses as they work obsessively to establish some sort of rapport with their short, fat, little legs.  The issue is […]

Pre-training fucking: BEST pre-workout ever or silent killer of gains?

If you’ve ever asked yourself whether or not getting your pre-workout fuck on will negatively affect your gains, wonder no more; today’s article will break down what the science has to say about this topic. Bros have been debating the merits of sexual abstinence in their quest for physical and athletic supremacy since the beginning […]