Fuck New Year’s Resolutions – Part II

by Mar 13, 2017

Iour last post we talked about about the futility of the average New Year’s resolution. Most of us have nothing but empty words and broken promises to offer up to the gods of time and then wonder why our lives never take a turn for the better.

The truth is simple. You either succeed or you fail. Obvious observation, mundane even. But the real question lays in understanding the reasons behind our failures. 

  • Willingness to change
  • Lack of information
  • Lifestyle and priorities

Overcoming failure and pressing on towards success is an exercise in introspection and self awareness, which is why in the previous post I asked you to take a good hour to think about your why.

  • Why do you want to achieve these goals? How are they going to change your life?
  • What is the driving force that will prevent you from quitting when the going gets tough?
  • Will you commit to changing your life and your habits to achieve your goals?
  • What obstacles do you foresee in the medium and long term?
  • What obstacles have stopped you from achieving your goals in the past?
  • What is different this time? What kind of support do you think you will need to get past your sticking points?

If you haven’t completed the exercise, take one goddamn hour out of your social media time and get it done. It’s vital. It’s the difference between taking up arms and laying siege to the dreams of your youth and getting slaughtered by the throes hiding in the shadows of the new year. You can carry on stalking the cute barista whose FB you scored at Starbucks later.

1. Are you ready, able and willing to change?

Change is a slow, laborious process that starts with a simple answer to a loaded question. Are you willing to let go of your current lifestyle? Because if you’re looking to get jacked as shit then twin pizza Thursdays and binge drinking Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays are not going to cut it.  And before anyone brings up the whole ‘get in shape for the summer’ bullshit that floods social media and supermarket shelves around this time of the year, willingness to change is not measured in weeks or months. Change implies a measure of finality and perpetuity. In other words, you’re in it for life.

So cut the bullshit and ask yourself if you have what it takes to make the lifestyle shifts necessary to create the change you say you desire. If you do, great. We’re all ears. If you’re not, then have the guts to admit it and move on. We’ll be here when you are ready to get going.

2. Are you ready to educate yourself?

Part of the process of deciding whether or not your so-called new year’s resolutions are worth pursuing involves doing some in depth research into what the process will entail. This is where hiring a coach can help TREMENDOUSLY #ShamelessPlugIn. But even if you’re not ready to drop a bundle to hire a competent coach, it’s still on you to do your due diligence because guess what? It’s not my or anyone else’s job to hold your hand and walk you through the fires of change.

Planning a diet and a training program is relatively simple. Sticking to the plan is anything but. Are you willing to spend some serious time reading up on and applying the basics of training and nutrition? And no, men’s fitness articles don’t count.

3. Are you ready to rearrange your priorities and make a lifestyle shift?

Crushing your goals is one of life’s greatest joys; but like all good things, success necessitates planning, focus, grit and sacrifice. The only person who can objectively figure out whether or not being in shape is worth the sacrifice is you.

So what’s going to take precedence, happy hour or training? Poker night or cardio? Pizza and beer or lean protein and veg? Late night porn binges or sleep and recovery? Netflix and chill or meal prep and Tupperware?

Is the overwhelming feeling of triumph worth the blood, sweat and tears? If your answer is no that’s perfectly fine. Focus on a goal that is worthwhile to you and pursue it. But for the love of everything under Heaven’s holy vault, stop bitching and complaining about your body if you’re not going to do what it takes to transform it.

Let’s make one thing clear: we’re not saying that poker nights and pizza Tuesdays are bad. Far from it. What we are saying is that you need to honestly ascertain whether or not your habits are conducive to success. If you find yourself consuming enough alcohol to kill a baby rhino every time you and your buddies play Texas hold ‘em, then maybe you should consider cutting down on the poker nights.

Or perhaps Sunday brunch with your foodie friends regularly turns into a competitive eating tournament. Yea, that’s probably not going to work.

We get it. Peer pressure is hard to handle and you don’t want to come across as the insufferable, antisocial douche that messes up the good vibes when everyone is having a good time, but something has to give.

Brace yourself because this is where we’re going to step on toes and hurt feelings.

If the people around you are going out of their way to regularly sabotage your efforts to better yourself then they’re assholes. Plain and simple. Either you find the strength to take a stand or you need to let them go and find friends that will encourage and support you on your journey.

Look, we’re not here to tell you how to live your life or how to choose your friends. The point here is that you have to:

  1. Figure out for yourself if health and fitness are a priority or a fantasy
  2. Learn to discriminate between the social situations that you can handle and the ones that drive you away from your goals

Stay tuned for part three of this series where we will outline proven strategies to hijack your current habit patterns so you can crush your goals in the coming year.

About the author

Daniele Moretti

Daniele Moretti

Head Coach, Managing Director

Wordsmith. Lover of Medieval literature. Heavy metal guitarist. History nerd. Dan mainly works with general population clients and normal folks that want to achieve their personal version of the extraordinary. He enjoys learning about what makes people tick, and to that purpose has decided to pursue a PhD in Business, focusing his research on the psychological imperatives that drive customer behavior – Basically, whether you’re looking to lose a little holiday weight or up your nude game to 12/10, he’s got what it takes to lead to the Promised Land.

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