People from all walks of life joined us on this journey of self-development and healthier living.

On this page, you can see just a fraction of the success stories our team was a part of. We welcome you too and can’t wait for your story!

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Chad Landers

”In a world full of mediocre online trainers Lambda strength is where I go when I want results, a team I can trust to have my back, and systems that make Jarvis look disorganized.”


With so many competing voices online promising to get you buffed and ripped, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to tell who’s legit and who’s a con artist.

The good folks at Lambda Strength are as legit as they come. I’ve personally used them and was amazed at how spot on their programs and advice are.

I don’t consider them competitors in the online coaching space, but rather Brothers in Arms fighting on the side of evidence-based practices and kick ass results.
I could not recommend them more highly!”

Chad Landers
Owner of Push Private Fitness, Celebrity trainer and 2018 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year

I’ve always been fairly lean but struggled to attain and maintain the definition that I needed for my modeling; until I started training with Dan that is.

He taught me not to demonize carbs and to properly fuel my body for the intense training sessions that he would put me through. I couldn’t be happier with the results and would recommend his services to anyone looking to take their physique to the next level.

Nhung Nguyen
Vietnam Airlines Stewardess
Jay Jay testimonial 2

So for me it was simple. I wanted that beach body aka 6 pack. I used Daniels service and not only did I reach that result without injuries and silly supplements but I was really impressed with Daniels knowledge in fitness – everything from lifting weights to even helping me deal with social situations whilst dieting.

Jay Jay
Instagram Adventures - @JayJayLive

Dan and I started working together long before I started competing in international beauty pageants.

At the time I wanted to take my aesthetics to a new level in order to kick start my modeling career, and, under Dan’s guidance, not only did I get stronger and noticeably firmer, but I also leaned out to such a degree that I was noticed, and immediately scouted for the Miss Earth 2018 pageant, which, thanks to our extensive physical preparation, I was able to win.

Dan has not only helped me to get into the best shape of my life, but has also proven to be a great friend, particularly during the times when the pressure was taking its toll.

I would highly recommend Lambda Strength’s services to everyone and anyone that wants to look and feel great.

Nguyen Phuong Khanh
Miss Earth 2018

”Having been in the fitness industry for a long time I’ve come across the whole spectrum of different coaches. While there are some differences between them, there are too many copycat, re-hashing, circle jerk pretenders contaminating the industry and it makes me sick.

Dr. Bojan stands out from the rest. For better or worse, he is 100% honest with what he thinks and he will tell you what you need to hear, even if you don’t want to.

He may not dry your tears and hold your hand but he will guide you in every way possible to maximise your full potential and motivate you to keep on grinding.Throughout the years Bojan has been an invaluable advisor and coach when it comes to training, nutrition and medical matters – but more than that he has also become a mentor and a trusted friend.”

Personal Trainer, Natural Physique Athlete

Having Dan there to walk me through our sessions gave me the confidence to stretch myself. In only a few weeks, I was seeing clearer definition and slimming in my arms and thighs (both problem areas).

If you’re going to give your  money to a trainer, give it to someone who truly loves what they do and is willing to devote the necessary energy to your success. I found that in Dan and gained a friend in the process.

Mali kat Rufai

”This was the first time I actually managed to finish a cut. I’ve tried and given up on numerous occasions on my own but it wasn’t until I contacted Dr. Bojan that I was finally equipped with the knowledge and tools that I needed to reach my body composition goals. Once he finally agreed to take me on as a client (yes you sort of have to ”qualify” in order to get his help) I lost 15.9lbs (7,2kg) in 13 weeks while adding 22lbs (10kg) to my deadlift and 16,5lbs (7,5 kg) to my squat.

The setup was simple but extremely effective: follow these guidelines, always do your best, report to me daily and never (EVER) give up. And when your mind starts playing tricks on you – I’m one email away.”

Cancer researcher
Carlie Butler

”I can’t find the right words that justify the incredible physical development I’ve had over the last few years since I started training with Bojan. I mean just look at that before-after picture. It still feels surreal that is’s me on both sides of that transformation.

Bojans methods allows me to compete in non drug tested bodybuilding shows, and despite being an all time drug free athlete, consistently stand among the best.

I can’t wait to start competing in drug-tested international shows and really see how far we can take this”.

Natural Bodybuilder

I’m one of those people who wanted to ‘lose weight and tone up a little’.  I wasn’t looking to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, I wanted to be like me but fitter, stronger and healthier.

I consulted Daniele before our training started and set out some realistic and achievable goals.  Daniele spent time talking through my diet and exercise regimen and analyzed my performance in the gym.  He was friendly, positive, encouraging and incredibly knowledgeable.

When we set to work, he carefully demonstrated a number of new techniques that would help me.  He guided me through my first steps, tweaked and changed as I tried them out and helped me to develop a ‘self-awareness’ that meant I could go home and understand how to continue training effectively.

Daniele continued to support me – even when we weren’t in session.

He often helped me with food and recipe ideas, sent encouragement when things were going well and helped me to refocus and become more goal oriented if my diet slipped.

This kind of reliability was really appreciated and further demonstrated his dedication to providing the very best service to his clients.

Sam Williamson
High school teacher

Training is something I  take very seriously and spend a majority  of my life thinking about.

I started down this  path because  growing up I became extremely ill  and remained that way most my life. I used training as a tool to get my life back together and  through that journey reached out to ,worked with, and have met countless  absolutely amazing people in the fitness industry.

I’ve  had the privilege  to work with Mr Olympias, Ms Olympias , Fitness Celebrity Icons and  Best Selling Authors and soaked in a lot of the industry and what makes a great  trainer.

I can say without a doubt  Daniele is such an individual .  He is someone who  is in the industry  for all the right reasons  and we are all lucky to have him here and  anyone would be lucky to have him as a coach

Brad Kelly
Personal trainer
My Lan Nguyen

I met Daniele when I first decided to make fitness a part of my life. I had no clue how to properly execute exercises or how to write programs. All I knew is that I wanted to become a personal trainer – Dan took me under his wing and taught me the ropes.

I learned about program design, nutrition and most importantly about mindset. If you’re looking for a coach to guide you through your fitness journey, look no further. He’s your guy.

Huy Huynh
Personal Trainer
Nguyen My Dung

I worked with Lambda fitness for several months following an injury. After a very detailed consultation with Mr. Moretti we embarked upon a workout system that would both strengthen my body and my mind, encourage good eating habits, and prevent further injuries.

I was satisfied with the gradual development. My gains were both sustainable and rewarding.

Cameron Thomas-Shah

Before asking Daniel for help, I was approximately 80kg (1m69) and I was also diagnosed with psychological disturbances of vegetative function: my breathing function was impaired and I easily got fatigued.

However, after a few months of following his instruction, I started to lose weight and developed muscle. Still, the most important thing that I got was my confidence. After a year, I lost 16kg and my stamina increased significantly. I thought that in the process of losing weight, I might lose muscle but I didn’t. In fact, I got 4kg added muscle at the same time with losing 16kg.

Maybe I was a new guy so that made me easily lose weight and increase muscle mass. However, his method worked just fine. His focus was about the lower body, most of his exercises are about squats and deadlifts plus the diet plan that he gave me was flexible.

None of this would have worked if his enthusiasm did not exist, his passion inspires people who are weak and discourage.

The Spartan spirit of him radiates the darkness of mediocre behaviors and keeps on lighting up the torch that was one dull inside my heart.

Long Nguyen
Physique competitor
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If somebody is looking for real life changing experience,  go for Lambda team. No bulshit talking guys. They walk the talk and you can see the real difference in your lifestyle.

As somebody said hardwork is the key of succees which can be fuelled easily with the help of right Mentor. Cheers to team Lambda.. cheers to Daniele.

Harsh Jain
Victoria’s Secret production manager
Dan and Bojan with a client img2
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