If you’re looking for someone to coddle you then Lambda is not for you. The irresolute will find no station among us. But if you’re looking to push the boundaries of your genetic potential, and aren’t afraid of being simultaneously dismantled and reforged, we will welcome you into our ranks with open arms, as brethren.

“He took fright, when he saw the Lambda’s flash.” – Eupolis


To be the most badass online coaching platform on the planet

To end the online drama bullshit that rifts the science nerds and the meatheads by bridging the academia-experience divide

To be understood by caveman bros and ivory tower PhDs alike

To be unapologetically open, ridiculously non-PC and as fucking real as real can be 

To regularly deliver kick ass content in actionable and practical terms without the presumption and pomp of the circle jerk that is the fitness industry 

To provide a service that our clients will never want to do without so that their voices, and not our marketing dollars, may serve as the bedrock of our brand

Meet Dan

Head coach & managing director

Wordsmith. Lover of literature. Heavy metal guitarist. History nerd.

Dan has made it his mission to forge ordinary people into sexy and well-oiled instruments of war. He has worked with athletes and models, CEO’s and GM’s, soccer moms and overweight teens, so whatever YOUR needs, he has what it takes to usher you into the Promised Land.

And whether you’re looking to lose a little holiday flab, or crank your nude game to 12, Dan has your back.

Meet Bojan

Head Coach & Chief Medical Officer

Part ER doctor, part fitness model, and part mad scientist, Bojan is far from your average physician: he lifts heavy shit, eats like a Viking, and spends his days making people look like they jumped out of the pages of a comic book.

As the head of Lambda Strength’s Sports Science division, he works predominantly with physique competitors in a never-ending quest to perfect our training systems; so worry not, no matter of how many standard deviations separate you from the mean, you will go Thor mode under his watchful eye. You can find his articles on such sites as,, and

Meet Dragan

Head coach & director of training

Philosopher. Engineer. Hip Hop connoisseur. Dragan lives in the eye of the complex system. His talents for data analysis make him especially well-suited for the laborious task of overseeing Lambda Strength’s Group Training Program, a research tool he employs to test and prove his training hypotheses. He is also in charge of training all of Lambda Strength’s coaches, ensuring that under his iron fist they all learn and internalize both the science and the art of coaching.

So, go ahead, put his knowledge to the test. He’ll make you suffer the fire of nine hells, but in the end, you will arise from the ashes of weakness in the likeness of a god.

Meet Anton

Head coach & chief tech officer

Med student. Programmer. Book nerd.

Anton’s mission in life is simple: he wants to help you look awesome in (and out of) a tank top (preferably out tho).

He’s Lambda’s resident tech head and the architect of our proprietary online training portal, a revolutionary data tracking system specifically designed to help YOU find YOUR optimal training and nutrition solutions. No marketing. No Bullshit. Just results.

So again, if you’re looking to inspire shock and awe the next time your tank top slips off, look no further: Anton ‘the wiz kid’ Kostevski WILL get you jacked, tanned, and laid.

what are you waiting for?

Lose fat. Gain muscle. Embrace your legend.
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