Group coaching

What happens when you combine systems thinking and applied statistics with the art of coaching?

You get the world’s first online coaching platform that obsessively tracks and analyzes your progress metrics over time and compares them to those of all the other participants in the study so as to guarantee you the progress you deserve.

This service was created with the dual function of getting you in the best shape of your life and promoting the advancement of sports science.

By A/B testing differing training protocols in diverse populations, we have made it our goal to discover which programs work best for most people, in most circumstance, most of the time.

To that end, we built a state of the art platform where we continuously gather, track and analyze the progress metrics of all our clients, giving us the opportunity to identify and study the data patterns, and in turn, compare our theories and conjectures with our real life observations.

The end result? An iron clad promise that you will not find a better program to get you strong, lean and fit in the least possible amount of time.

This is where science and pragmatism intersect. This is where the doubt ends. This is where Spartans are made.

Are you ready to embody your inner Spartan?

Take part in the evolution of science and…

Online coaching

In a world where everyone and their momma are playing ‘entrepreneur’, it’s easy to set up an online coaching business. All you really need is a hot body, some semi-nudes and a social media account… Maybe even a half decent website…

The problem with this ‘business model’ is that it’s all smoke and mirrors. A hot body an elite trainer does not make.

We created this particular service to cater to

• Experienced lifters that are looking to get out of their training rut and supercharge their progress

• Busy individuals that travel for work

• Beginner trainees that wish to ease into the world of fitness

So how does this shit work?

Think of this as having your very own world level coach at your side 24/7.

Online coaching offers a lot of the same advantages of hiring an in-person personal trainer at a fraction of the cost as well as a whole set of unique benefits.

• Comprehensive and ongoing personalized lifestyle/progress assessments

• Custom training programs constructed with your goals, lifestyle and body type in mind

• Nutritional plans built in accordance with your personal preferences

• Weekly check-ins and progress reports

• Unlimited email/text support 365/24/7

The biggest difference that you will find in working with us is that we care. We make ourselves available and will be there for you when things get tough. And they will.

When the hunger pangs get violent and you can’t sleep. We’ll be there.

When the scale doesn’t budge despite your perfect adherence. We’ll be there.

And we will have YOUR solution.

Online coaching is NOT outsourcing the process to your coach.

The single greatest advantage of online coaching is that you will get to take part in the process, and by doing so, will learn to take control of both your training and your nutrition.

It’s not about switching off your brain and letting us do the thinking for you. It’s about collaborating with us in designing your signature training templates.

Are you ready to embody your inner Spartan?

Claim your place amongst the Equals.


This is the part where we get to tell you how AMAZING our top-secret-black-ops-big-pharma-sponsored-fat-torching-muscle-building-bruce-lee-ninjutsu-super-soldier-serum training system is.

Cuz, you know, this shit will take you from Zero to Zeus in 3 and a half weeks.

Let’s cut the fucking bullshit for a second.

If you’re the type of person that needs to get hyped up by shitty marketing buzz words to commit to your own self betterment, then do us all a favor and fuck off. Straight up.

If on the other hand you’re the kind of person that would bleed to make manifest their dreams, then get ready to work harder than you have ever worked before.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture can never flesh out the story in its entirety.

You can look at our testimonial pictures all day long, but unless you decide to take your life into your hands, you will never make the change you feel you deserve.

We have the map. We have the skill. We have the knowledge. We can lead you to where you want to be. But unless you follow, you will be forever stuck in your here and now.

And let’s face it: if you’re reading this then presumably you’re

• Dissatisfied with your progress

• Overwhelmed by the tidal wave of contradictory fitness information pushed around by ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’

• Struggling with motivation and adherence

• Stuck in a training rut

• All the above

The only thing that matters are results. Your results. Because your success is our success.

And make no mistake about it: if you truly commit to the process, you will build the body of your dreams.

We will teach you how to build muscle.

We will teach how to lose fat.

We will teach you to align your nutritional habits with your goals.

We will teach you how to skyrocket your quality of life.

But it will come at a price. Sweat. Blood. Tears.

This isn’t some run of the mill cookie cutter program that we found laying around in a dark corner of the fitness sphere: this is a training system that we have distilled from 3 decades’ worth of scientific research, experimentation, trial and error.

Which means that your program will be your program. Your meal plan will be your meal plan.

You coach will tailor his extensive knowledge to you and your current circumstance.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a physique competitor prepping for a show or a soccer mom packing a few extra post pregnancy pounds – hell it doesn’t matter to us if you’re 200 lbs. over your ideal weight – If your heart is in the right place, we are willing and able to help you where you are.

Are you ready to embody your inner Spartan?

“When I first started training with Daniele all I wanted was to lock in that beach body look; but once we got the ball rolling and I started to see results, I decided to grab the bull by the horns and push my body to the limits. As I continued to lean out, Dan and I had the crazy idea to schedule a photo-shoot in the hopes of breaking into the world of modeling. It was without a doubt one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do but Dan was with me every step of the way. For every question, doubt and complaint Dan had an answer at the ready, especially when it came to sticking to the plan in social situations and during the holidays. I couldn’t recommend his services enough.”

Jay Jay 
TV Host, YouTuber and Entertainer

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