Minimum Effective Dose? You Mean Indolence?

There are days when I wonder why the hell I got into fitness in the first place; the industry as a whole is a shit show of voodoo magic and marketing hype. It seems laughable that cretins spanning the entire spectrum of stupid have managed to build a billion dollar business off of the strength of half truths and whole lies, while so […]

Stress Is Fucking Up Your Physique (And Everything Else) Bruh

Stress, though fairly mainstream an abstraction, is highly misunderstood, and despicably under appreciated by society as a whole: to prove my bold assertion, I will put my money where my mouth is and bet that a huge slice of the readership, when asked for a definition of stress, would myopically equate the state of being ‘stressed’ with the mere experience of a psycho-emotional disturbance in […]

Stress Is Fucking Up Your Physique (And Everything Else) Bruh II

Ihate self help gurus; not because I think that they’re all full of shit, but because they always manage to skip out when the time comes to address the actionable aspects of developing a ‘mindset of abundance’, or whatever the fuck else they’re trying to sell you on… ‘Let go of the baggage’ they say ‘Unleash the slumbering giant within’ […]

Stress Is Fucking Up Your Physique (And Everything Else) Bruh III

If you’re reading the third and final installment of our series on chronic stress, I am going to assume that you’ve found it both useful and thought provoking. Reversing a condition that has been slowly bleeding into your subconscious over the course of decades is no easy task: it presupposes the contradiction and rejection of many of our natural tendencies […]

Why Community Is Vital To Your (Fitness) Success

“No force, no firmness, the pale coward shows; He shifts his place: his color comes and goes: A dropping sweat creeps cold on every part; Against his bosom beats his quivering heart; “Not so the brave – still dauntless, still the same, Unchanged his color, and unmoved his frame: Composed his thought, determined his eye, […]

Hey Asshole, You Are What You Eat – Comprende?

Look, before the villagers come a knocking with their pitchforks and torches, let’s get one thing straight: cheesecakes are awesome. So are burgers, chili cheese fries and 40 oz. chocolate milkshakes. Problem is, most people exercise, quite literally, ZERO common sense when making their quotidian food choices, preferring to wing it rather than to consciously map out and adopt […]

Ya Booze, Ya Snooze, Ya Lose

Alcohol and dieting, every trainee’s favorite topic of discussion. God, even Stephen Hawking would lose his marbles trying to enumerate the times I’ve had to sit my clients down, look em’ dead in the eye, and tell them that their drinking problem habits are derailing their gains. And before you even go there, get the fuck out with the whole “drinking red wine […]

Start ‘Em Young: How To Get Your Kids JACKED The Right Way

Have you ever seen a chubby little cherub of a toddler stumbling around trying to master the subtle art of walking? It’s fucking adorable 🙂 They’re all squishy and cute and clumsily falling flat on their bouncy little asses as they work obsessively to establish some sort of rapport with their short, fat, little legs.  The issue is […]

Don’t be an idiot. Eat your fucking protein

Whichever way you slice the argument, protein will ALWAYS be the cornerstone upon which a healthy nutritional protocol is built; barring those that have pre-existing renal dysfunctions, there really is no such thing as “too much protein”. And yet, the misguided consensus of the nutritional myth fairies has for some time been that high protein diets will […]